playsuit: H&M
shirt: topshop
cardigan: H&M
rosary: ebay

My outfits are getting more and more lazy by the day. I'm finding it all so uninspiring and just throwing on whatever feels comfortable (but chic still obviously!) Do you like them or are you like "OMGZ LILZ DRESS BETTAAA!" I dunno, outfits like this I don't want to post because they ain't so interesting. However, that green H&M cardigan is possibly my favourite item of clothing at the moment. Green is the new black cardigan I say! It goes with everything and adds a really lovely neutral tone to any outfit, Gosh I sound like Gok Wan!

For anyone who wants to know about my hair (because y'all obvz do!) The style is called Victory Rolls, It was popular during the 40's, and was key to the whole "pin up" look. Its not really my scene that whole Dita von Tease and Rockabilly thing, But I got interested in vintage hairstyles after finding this vintage teens pool on Flickr. I asked my Granny how to do it and she showed me how they used to do it, with like these weird rolllers. She still had the original packaging, she never throws anything away! I normally just separate my fringe, backcomb it a bit, hair spray it, then roll up my hair like a sauasge and pin it with a few bobby pins. Its obviously not as refined at "how they did it in my day" said my grandmother. But its cool and another way to keep my fringe/bangs(!!) off my face!