shorts: H&M (playsuit)
top: H&M
cardigan: ivors
rings: H&M + freedom

As soon as got home today I decided to do a outfit post, Its a bit bland, Sometimes I put off posting what I would deem "boring" outfits. But I really fancied doing something blog related today! So there we go, Burgundy cardigan + Leopard playsuit combo! I though the playsuit would be a bit in your face for a whole "dressing down"outfit. I'm staying in with a chinese meal and the Xfactor tonight, So put a top over it. In my head I was imaging this outfit with a nice cropped tshirt so it sits on the waist band more, but borrowed this oversized top from my Mum and thought it was acceptable! I really think leopard needs to be paired down this season with greens, burgundy and brown tones. Definitely something I want to explore a bit this A/W, Other trends I really want to get into for A/W is Shearling Jackets, biker boots as well as chunky knits!

I think probably due to my lack of money I haven't been buying much recently which has made me not really feel the whole fashion thing. Not that I have to have new things all the time to dress interestingly. Clothes have taken as backseat over the last week though, Seeing as I have to wear a uniform during the day, Well I have to wear New Look Concessions stuff, I just wear the same thing everyday to work, then change into something basic when I'm home. Despite the fact I have a double wardrobe full of clothes, I always find it hard to find something to wear. I presume this is a common girl problem though! Oh well 10 days till payday! YAY! I've got a full basket on the Topshop website that I'm going to get when I get paid, and I've spied a load of things in New Look I want too! Being paid monthly is going to so different for me!

I just want to say a big thanks to everyone's whos commented or emailed me over the past few days. You are all to sweet! You've made me feel so much more positive! and RE: The Formspring issue, I've decided to make it so only people who are logged into formspring can ask me questions, Hopefully it will bring an end to the trolling and mean the people who want help can still get it quickly and easily! I may change it back if things calm down a bit!