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"I find it really hard to put outfits together, Your really good at putting mixed patterns together, and experimenting with different styles. Where do you find your inspiration for outfits?"

Over the years my style has changed and involved immensely, Despite this I think that I have always had and certain eye for fashion and trends. I've somehow always been able to put a outfit together without it looking too hideous. Although some of the hideous clothing choices I made in my teenage years were slightly questionable, They did go together quite well! My mum used to say that when I was child I was always able to dress myself and come out with something presentable without any help. Since discovering blogging and fashion social networking it has really made me more adventurous with my style and how I put outfits together. Seeing the way other people style thing inspires me immensely, Without doubt I'm more inspired by other girls and how they put an outfit together compared to looks that are in magazines or on other celebrities. I never seem to replicate things I see on famous people, The appeal of "Real Girls" (I hate that phrase but you know what I mean!) is much more than what celebrities or what fashion magazines say "we should be wearing" is much stronger than anything else.

my inspiration picks for cropped trousers (all found via Chictopia)
image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

My favourite my to find outfit inspiration is too look around all my favourite fashion based social networking sites. The ones I typically use are Lookbook & Chictopia. There are a ton of other websites similar to those that have started popping up, But I haven't got much experience with those! Normally I type in a certain piece I want to search for in the search bar. For example: Silk shirt, Blue highwaisted shorts or Floral rompers or use the search features to define what sort of pieces you want to look for. I then go through all the images that I like and save them into a folder. I then go through and have a look at what things other people wear with them, and then consider thing in my wardrobe which are similar to the things a person is wearing in their outfit. From there all I do is experiment and play with things and just see what works and what doesn't! This is also how I do my research for my "How They Wear" columns.

I started this technique when I was at college doing research for Graphic Design projects. The other week I was asked to design a logo for a local Delicatessen, So I went on some packaging websites as well as browsing Ffffound and looking on Flickr for existing logos. I go through everything and save all the bits that inspire me, or things that I think I could experiment with and look at what the general styles are for logos for that specific area. This is the method I use for most of my research when doing design projects. Its personally my favourite way to discover new things and can be applied to loads of different situations, Its also good because you can see what works and what doesn't!

mixing patterns, sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesnt!

I find doing my outfit pictures has really helped me discover what goes and what doesn't when it comes to mixing patterns. Especially when it comes to challenging what "the norm" rules of fashion are. I have no problems with wearing mixed patterns, Id happily wear stripes and spots together or wear floral and leopard print. Although not everything goes, If you don't try it you never will know! I've found some of my all time favourite outfits from just experimenting with loads of different patterned stuff in-front of a mirror! Step back and think to yourself "Right does this actually go?"

Like I say, The best way is just to experiment and play with style. Fashion is always about being fun and experimenting! If your unsure of how to style something look on those fashion networking websites I mentioned or search for some street style blogs! Blogs are one of the best ways to get inspiration, Its how I find mine! How do you find inspiration for the things you wear or do you just put things together yourself?

PS. I uploaded a review of the new Eyeko 3-1 Cream with Extra Glow to my Youtube Chanel. I still haven't decided what I'm going to be doing on my Youtube yet, So I will be experimenting with the kinda thing I'll do on there for a while, But it will be separate thing from my blog, there is a link in the sidebar to the Channel too for future reference!