001. Well this weeks been exhausting to say the least! I've got a whopping four days off work this week, which makes me so happy! I'm spending the next two days with my lovely boyfriend, who I haven't seen in what feels like forever! We're probably going shopping in Birmingham or somewhere on Monday and then maybe going to some touristy place on Tuesday, So if anyone can recommend any good places to visit in the UK let me know!

002. I have an interview at New Look on Friday, so make sure you send all your positive thoughts my way. I got a phone call asking for a interview on Friday and I was so shocked, I gave my CV in like 4/5 weeks ago and didn't expect anything back. So was so pleased to have it! I'm thinking of doing a "vote for what i should wear to this interview" post or two this week. Big props to the ever so lovely Tor for giving me some very helpful interview tips! I've only ever had one job interview before!

003. To follow up on this weeks absolutely amazing response to keep or return: topshop peter pan tunic post. I read everyone comments carefully then put it all into a tally chart, and it came out as 25 votes for both, 11 for black and 57 for the peach. Thank you all so much for your comments and feedback, that is why keep or returns are my favourite types of post! Now, I've decided to be VERY naughty and keep both. You are all little enablers and my bank balance isnt loving it, but like most of you said, they are both just darling, definite keepers!

004. My Paulo Loves To Shop giveaway ends next Sunday! And remember if you want to buy anything from the online store, use the code LLYMLRS to get 20% off!

005. Ask me anything!