I'm gonna be totally shameless, and like probably 90% of the blogs on my blog roll I'm going to ask you very brazenly if you would nominate me! If you did take the time to nominate me for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2010, I would probably love you forever! I normally steer clear of things like this, Shameless promotion isn't something I really like to see on the blogasphere. I never would normally ask people to do this, But this is something that I would love to do!

LLYMLRS, is my pride and joy. I genuinely love posting and everything that comes along with blogging. I have such a passion for writing, engaging with fashion on a different level and being creative in a different way.

I know alot of people will have probably used their one vote already. But it would mean so much to me if you hadn't already to nominate me! I think international readers can nominate too, so if you could just go to the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards Nomination page, and from the Catergory drop down box click on Fashion & Style, then enter the URL (www.llymlrs.com) in the box, and then tell them why you like my blog!

Thank you so much if you do nominate me! BIGLOVE!