bag: peacocks £10

Every now and again you see something and you just know you need it. Fi left me a comment a few weeks ago saying that Peacocks were coming out with a Mullberry Alexa-esque bag. Upon doing some research into this I found that they had also done a Chloe-esque one too. Now, I'm not the type to obsess over things too much, But this bag just needed to be in my wardrobe. There was no two ways about it. Its online but I couldn't justify paying the extra for postage seeing as the bag was only a tenner anyway, £3.99 postage, was a nuh-uh in my eyes!

I bought this a few weeks ago, My usual Sunday shopping trip with my Mother was highly unsuccessful, and I'd lost all hope of actually buying this bag. After trawling my boyfriend around Birmingham last monday, I suddenly remembered this bag of dreams. Passing all the numerous Poundshops in The Pallasades shopping center, I was desperately trying to remember where Peacocks actually was. As soon as I got there I rand over to the bag section and nabbed the first one I saw. It was more perfect in real life that I had imagined.

I never normally post about my bags and things, but I adore this bag! I dont normally do small bags either, as I like to carry my whole life around with me! It looks really vintage for a new bag too, And I'm sure once I've worn it a little more it will have that perfect used feeling! Its surprisingly roomy and for a £9 (student discount was 10%) I think I've found my new favourite bag!

EDIT: Today I was going to upload the next part of Ask LLYMLRS, but Youtube is failing me and the audio isn't syncing properly with the video. When I sort this issue out I'll be sure to upload it! You know me, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to the way things look and sound!