keep or return: topshop peter pan tunickeep or return: topshop peter pan tunic
dress: topshop (£28)

Ok guys, another keep or return! Not the normal stylee though, Basically I need so advice on which colour of the dress to keep! Now trust me, I'm in love BIG time with this dress. At the moment anything peter pan collared is instantly put into my basket. I think they are just amazingly cool. Its little seethrough (WHY DO YOU DO THIS SO MUCH TOPSHOP!), so I am going to get a slip to go under the one I choose. In an ideal world I want to keep them both, But my heads telling me "Lily, You only REALLY need one colour"

The nude is absolutely dreamy. I feel so girly and sweet in it. I want to wear a flower in my hair and some polka dot tights or team it with my heart print cardigan and some socks and brouges. Then again the black is tougher and reminds me of the Adams family. I have these awesome puesdo goth fantasies of ways to style it up. Studded cuffs and big chunky boots, Layered up with grungy cardigans, thick tights and my Babooshka headband!

To me they have two very different feels to them, and in all honesty I like them both equally and I need some feedback on which to keep! What do you think? Shall I be naughty and keep them both, or shall I keep one over the other? Or do you totally hate the dress? Let me know in the comments!

PS. Who likes the new Topshop website layout? Personally I hate it. Its so hard to navigate and weird. The other one was much nicer aesthetically as well!