playsuit: george @ asda (£12)

Shopping outside the box really does come up good occasionally, For those who aren't from the UK, Asda is pretty much one of those massive supermarket stores that sells everything. Its actually owned by Walmart for those Americans who follow. Id totally recommend checking out all the supermarket clothing or even just checking out their websites if you don't live near the larger stores. I'm totally impressed with the stuff from Clothing at Tesco & George at Asda

I'd actually popped into Asda to get the Cat Print Limited Edition Playsuit, But they didn't have any in stock, So while rummaging around waiting for my Mum to finish off the food shop. I saw this awesome polka dot playsuit. It actually reminds me of one of those 1950's swimsuits! I feel like a proper pin up girl in it! This play-suit SO isn't my normal style but it was too cute just to pass up on. I dont remember the last time (if ever!) I wore a halterneck style. It would have been just to perfect for my holiday if I'd have bought it earlier!

What do you guys think? Not my normal style, but I'm sure if I styled it up it would look more me. Would you wear something like this or is it just totally wrong? Let me know your opinions in the comments!