shorts: H&M
cropped vest: boohoo
leather jacket: primark
rings: primark & H&M
nails: barry m spring green

Yes my blog following friends, I finally did it and Ombre-ed my hair! I know I've been umming and ahhing over it for what feels like forever. Something clicked yesterday and I just did it! And boy am I glad I did, I LOVE it. It looks exactly how I wanted it to! These arent really the exact pics I wanted to debut the new 'do to you, But I've been so busy today I hardly had time to do it! Infact I worked 7:30-4, now as I type this I'm babysitting 6:30-1am and then hopefully going to a birthday party. Yes I'm probably mad, but I suppose its just as hectic as my life is normally. Babysitting isn't all that bad, I basically get paid to sit here and watch TV, seeing as all the kids are actually out anyway!

LLYMLRS has a new layout, I like it, It needs a bit of overall tweaking, But it wont take me long to sort that out. I need a new banner so badly, But for some reason I cant put my graphics mind and blog mind together to create something that reflects the blog. I actually drew the current one on a napkin in McDonalds well over a year ago!