After doing a post on things I wanted from BooHoo Clothing, I was really surprised with how many people said negative things about them. Ranging from the quality of their items to being sent the wrong items. Like I posted on Twitter a few days ago, I'd actually won the competition on their Facebook to have £100 to spend on their website. I thought AWESOME! 1. Because I'd never won anything before and 2. It would be the perfect time to let you guy know what I think of them and their clothes.

I did choose a few other things including this Cat Print Tote to put my University stuff in and a few things that were out of stock which I wasn't sent.

I really like most of the things I got. The three of the four cropped tshirt's I absolutely love. I even bought a maxi skirt which I like and will be saving it for a later post. The sunglasses are really nice and defiantly going to be worn lots especially the heart ones! I've been lusting after some heart shaped rims for yonks! Overall clothing style wise, I'd probably will be wearing everything I'd picked out. Boohoo has a really great range of clothes, Id say it does have some uber tacky stuff on their website think market stall stylee and then again it has some lovely basics and really pretty dresses for different occasions. Its defiantly worth a massive browse around their HUGE collection of stuff!

As for quality. Yes, its not amazing. But is it intolerable? I wouldn't say so. No worse than somewhere like Primark. For the price I think most of the stuff is very good. I only have one issue with one of the items I bought. The Cara 2in1 Dress as well as the Maxi Skirt have some annoying loose stitches. I think this is a really bad quality control issue and really needs to be looked into. I am going to wear both those things because I think they are the two most wearable things I picked out! Its just a shame its got such messy stitching. I will be fixing it myself but its not a good thing to have that slipping through quality wise!

Now to sizing, I'm a size 10. A pretty all round size 10 in all the usual highstreet suspects. I found most of the S/M stuff a perfect fit. Although I did choose mainly oversized stuff, they were not "too oversized" and fitted very well. I had one issues with the sizing. It was with with the Paige Cutout Heart Bodice Dress, I chose size 10 thinking it would be fine, Most fitted size 10 dresses fit me, I don't have a large boobage so they fit well. This dress however wont even do up! I wouldn't think anyone who is a size 10 and larger boobs than me *cough*cough*34A*cough* would be able to fit into it!

On being sent the wrong items, I wasn't sent anything that I hadn't chosen. However I was sent two of the same tops for some reason in two different sizes. If anyone wants this top in UK size 12 let me know via email and I'll send it on to you! I was also not sent a few items I asked for, But from browsing the website today they are out of stock. It would have been nice to be told about this on the invoice or in a email. I was a bit miffed when I first got the package as I was at work, so I just thought they had not sent the things or messed up my order! I dont think thats very professional of them!

I really like BooHoo, I think it does have some faults, Like most people, I can see why they are hesitant to buy things from there at first. And I also see why people who have complained about them did. Like most online shopping its always a risk quality and size wise. I've even bought things from American Apparell and its come and its it crap quality! Almost all of the things I bought are like the photographs, and overall I no massive problems with the majority of the clothing.

I would buy things with my own money from the website, I think this has potential, it does need to sort its quality issues out as well as a bit better customer service. Even on their Facebook page I see people complaining about the service and they dont seem to care. I really hope they sort this out. They have alot of potential to be one of the "big" online retailers like Asos. But they do come across shady and a little bit uncaring towards their customers. I hope this helps people who are considering ordering from there. Just do it! Be prepared for the mixed bag on quality and sizing, the returns are free from what I can gather so there's little to lose!

FYI: I was sent these items for free because I won a competition via their Facebook page. All these thoughts are my own to benefit you guys! I dont want to come across as ungreatful either because I do genuinly love most of the things I recieved, Im just letting you all know how I felt (: