dress: topshop
blazer: topshop
cycling shorts: H&M
sandals: new look

I love this Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop dress. It was a all time lust when the collection came out last year. Unfortunately I missed out on it and it was going for silly prices on ebay! I decided to give up on the dress, but a few months after it came out I found this one in my size on the returns rack in Birmingham Topshop, I jumped for joy and ran to the till. Its possibly one of my all time favourite dresses! Its a bit too scandalously short to wear without tights though, hence the shorts! The colours look a bit weird in these pictures, But heres a stock photo to get a real feel for it!

Cycling shorts are a great way to wear things that are that little bit too short without tights without going the whole hog and wearing tights! I picked these up when I was in London last week for the measly sum of £2.99, Although I think they may be sold out in most places, Alot of the big online shops are doing them still. I also have a pair from Asos, and you can get some from Topshop too.

Today I went shopping with my friend Hannah, and I bought some things for holiday and we went to Weatherspoons for lunch. I took back the Topshop Nate Sandals, and I ended up buying a few things from the Topshop sale, Including 3 pairs of spotted tights and some two tone tights for £1 each! I also bought a leopard print turban and a tunic! Although I'm not 100% sure about the tunic quite yet! I also got my first pair of denim(-ish) shorts too! Lovely!