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I found 0ut about this little boutique via twitter a few weeks ago, Liberty 27 offers a wide variety of different types of clothing in various styles. Its a great mix of contemporary pieces, with vintage inspired bits and pieces thrown in too. The international shipping seems really reasonably priced, As well as their US based shipping (Because I know I have some US readers!)
All the website is priced in dollars, and although dollars confuse me, I just used xe.com to get the prices in pounds! And although I haven't personally ordered from the web-store, It looks really promising! New stuff is being added everyday which if you follow their Twitter, you can get daily updates!

Other than the extensive legging collection on the website, My personal favorite bits of the store are the shoe and bag sections. The Jacqueline Leather Purse reminds me of a clutch version of the Mulberry Alexa! As soon as I saw that Michael Jackson T-shirt it instantly reminded me of my friend Hannah, who is the biggest MJ fan I've ever met! And don't get me started on that oversized leopard jumper! If it was winter I'd be all over that! Why does it have to be summer? Although todays weather leaves alot to be desired!

I found out yesterday that my dream shoes, The Asos Randals (in Black of course!) Have come back into stock! I nearly jumped for joy!


  1. I've never heard of Liberty 27 before but now you've brought them to my attention, I've now got way more things on my wishlist than I had twenty minutes ago ;]

    earth vs. the wild heart

  2. Such great stuff, their leggings are amazing!! And only around $10 postage to Australia, so much for studying hehe

  3. Great picks! I love that purse and also, I've been craving some of those randals and might just go for it. You should too!

  4. Ah love the MJ Thriller t-shirt! We're off to have a rummage around the site....and we're guessing we're going to make a huge wishlist too!


  5. mmm loving the wedges, summer investment perhaps ha xx

  6. Those wedges are utterly amazing! I really, really want a pair! NOW!

    Thanks so much for sharing. Will definitely be ordering from here! x

  7. love your blog! check out mine sometime =) www.cestbourgeois.blogspot.com

    xo bourgeoisgirl

  8. I have been drooling over those ASOS Randal shoes for ages, so tempted to order the black ones now! xo

  9. Love your blog!!
    kisses :*


  10. I love how you still write and share about your day and experiences! You feel like such a real, nice, and humble person because of this!

    kisses :* Master Seo Indonesia


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