001. Tonight I'm going to see my boyfriends band play, They havent played in what feels like forever, I reckon its been over a year now, So much for being a football widow, Ive become victim to band practice! I am keen for seeing them play though! Rupert and the Robbers did have a period a few years ago where they were played on XFM, Radio One and the like, But they never really capitalized on that, Bit of a shame because it would have been sweet for them to have some success!The first time I ever saw my boyfriend he had clown face paint on during one of their gigs.

002. I bought some new sandals from New Look today. I checked the website and these are the pair, If your interested in buying them! I thought they were £20, Which is fine by me, But when I got to the till they were £12, because they were doing a promotion, and then I had a further £1.20 off so paid £10.80 in total! Lovely!

003. Last night in true Gem & Cat style I decided to do my nails leopard print! How supercoolsweetmega tacky are they! I love them! Getting these 600 full cover nail tips has really made me want to do things with my nails! The nails are really good btw, I shaped them and trimmed them to fit my nails, and at like 6p for a full set, you save yourself a fortune on acyrlics/press ons! I just used it with a cheapy glue from a old nail set! Ive always painted them and got acrylics and the like, But never really got adventurous with them! And after finding out about Laquerized , Its totally inspired me! I really want to try this look particularly! Anyone got any good nails related websites?

004. Only a week and two days till my holiday! Im still not sure about scheduling some posts or not at the moment! I have a long list of things I want to post about in the next month, So we'll have to see!

005. There's a really interesting post on Blairs blog about More Magazine. They basically had a bit of a twitter fight with her and then encouraged their followers to be rude to her! How bad PR is that! I don't ever buy More! Magazine, But this has turned me off buying it in the future! Go follow her blog though, Shes got really great style and shes a avid Primark fan like me! She has a great eye for finding items of clothing that are similar to more expensive shops in cheap ones. Like finding some elastic sandals, Similar to the ones in Office in Tesco!