001. Who's free for the summer! OH YES THAT WOULD BE ME! Holllaaa! Haha Im so glad to be done and dusted with that whole uni year. I have to admit it wasnt the best experience of my life. Although I did enjoy it, There was alot of bad things, Especially course related that I really wasn't feeling! Normal blogging will resume from Monday hopefully, Like I said in my last post my step brothers over, So I have nowhere to take my pictures!

002. Had some super exciting news this week, That my friend Olivia has invited me to stay in London with her from next Sunday to Wednesday! I'm so excited, Event though I was in London two weeks ago, I cannot wait to go again! Oh I long for the days where I can wear heels during the day and not feel overdressed! As alot of my followers come from London or if anyone has any London recommendations for places to do and go to, Lemme know! I also applied for the modeling thing for Illamasqua, and if I get that thing (who knows!) I'd probably end up staying a few more days! Id love to meet some of you guys if you were around during that time too (:

003. It occurred to me this week my bank balance is too high for my liking, So tomorrow I'm going shopping in Birmingham. The Selfridiges makeup counters are calling me! I found out earlier this week to that the first UK based Forever 21 is going to be opened there! Seriously excited about that happening! I'm often lusting over Forever 21 things, Especially the rings! The seriously high UK shipping charges + ridiculous UK import tax rate just makes me wary of buying from there!

004. Im going to DIY Ombre my hair! I tweeted that I picked up bleach for my hair during the week, and people have been egging me on to finally do it! I didnt have a clue which one to get, or if its even possible to do it myself, I've got in my head that all I need to do is just brush the dye in the bottom, but doubt its as easy as that! My hair will hopefully (Everything crossed) be on trend by the end of the week! I do have a packet of brown hair dye on hand just incase it goes wrong haha!

005. New little addition to my Sunday round-up is going to be a link to a new blogger or a blog that I think deserve more followers than they currently have! So here we go! PearlsLaceandRuffles, I love this blog, She has really good pictures (One of my plus points that make a good blog!) and Im totally envious of all her accessories! I'm a big fan of "Fatshion" blogs because I think that if your a size 14-16-18+ you can still look totally fashionable! Plus she has a giveaway going on at the moment to win some lovely girly goodies!