what i wore 09.06.10what i wore 09.06.10

coat: H&M
top: topshop
skirt: primark
brooch: primark
boots: new look
rings: H&M
scarf: peacocks

Cant believe its been a whole week since I last did an outfit post! Thanks for being so patient with me! As I said a few posts back my step brothers been over so outfit photos have been out of the question! This is actually what I wore yesterday, But I really wanted to show you lot anyway! All this rain is really getting me down, why does the weather affect how you feel so much?

I really love this leopard coat, Ive worn it in a post before, I never seem to get enough wear out of it though! I know your all saying "ENOUGH WITH THE LEOPARD!" But hey, I love it! I saw a feature in Heat magazine about leopard being the next big thing, so obviously I'm on trend if the magazine tells me! Excuse my obscene thunder thighs/legs! But I really should to prove to you guys that I do have legs and wear shoes!

I went shopping on Monday to Birmingham and snapped these booties up for £25, reduced from £65! How good is that! I feel like I should be a member of The Horrors in them! I also bought that red heart brooch from Primark, Im not really an accessory kinda person, Although I have a unhealthy amount of rings! Something about it made me buy it, and I think it was about £2 too!

Thanks for being so supportive in the birthday post! All your comments made me feel so special and I'm SO grateful for all the support and love you guys gave me! Id be lost without you reading my blog, Because if you didn't, I know I'd have given up blogging by now! I'm so glad I've persevered with the blog and its really come into its own and its something I really enjoy doing daily!