keep or return: Topshop Nate Sandals
keep or return: Topshop Nate Sandals
Sorry I edited the pictures, The pictures didn't come out well, so had to make 'em funky!

The other day I popped into Topshop and bought these Nate Buckle Sandal Wedge. I saw them on the website AGES ago in Black and was like OMGOMGOMG! But I think I was in New Zealand at the time and couldn't get them! I decided to bust out one of my MANY Topshop giftcards I've had lurking since Christmas, I thought the one I used only had a few pounds on, But it had like £38, So I think I paid around £2 in cash for them. They were the last pair in store, and have a little wear on the soles, But the sales assistant informed me that if I wanted to take them back I could easily.

In store I really liked them, The buckles are just too cool and I can imagine wearing them alot now I've got the confidence to get my legs out! I adore the western style detailing and the overall Roman feel to them. I could also see myself wearing them with tights in the autumn/winter! Shortly after I bought some really lovely sandals from New Look, So now Im in two minds about keeping them. I really like them, But do I really need them? They were four times the price of my New Look ones, Which I'm totally keeping!

It took me forever to get a half decent image of the shoes on my feet (Maybe its a sign?). They feel quite awkward to walk in as the wedge isn't high or flat, But I'm sure this is something I can live with!

So what do you think? Should it stay or should it go? Are they just "OK" and not worth the price? Lemme know in the comments!