sunday portrait week 27

this is llymlrs week 27

001. Its that time of week already! Sunday comes around so quickly! Today I'm working through final presentation sheets for my last module of second year. Cannot wait to hand it all in on Tuesday and Friday! Ill run straight down the pub to get a pint (well Jack Daniels and coke) as soon as I've handed it in! All my friends are coming back from university at the moment, which is too exciting! Cant wait to see them!

002. Oooh! like my new Chanel inspired half tint glasses?! Ive been looking for an afforable alternative to the iconic Chanel ones, and I think I've found it! They satisfy my Nicole Richie and MKO cravings! I'm gonna be honest and say I'm not 100% sure about them. They look cool in photos but IRL its not half as fun. Its quite hard to see through them too. Saying that I'll still wear them! They cost me £14 including shipping and came within a week and that's international shipping too! So good stuff from GirlProps! I think ill defiantly be buying from them again in the future! Also, Im wearing Viva Glam Gaga by MAC on my lips. The lustre finish, does not agree with my dry lips! I need a lipscrub!

003. I'm in love with this Vogue blog of Daisy Lowes OOTD's (gosh I hate that word/phrase/abbreviation?). I have total hair and outfit envy everytime I see Daisy! Her style is so effortless and chic, She is so good at mixing and matching stuff! Ferne Cotton is another celebrity I can think of that posts her outfits online too. If you know of anymore send them my way! I love style stalking celebs!

004. This weeks keep or return has had a great response! Two people dont like it and everyone else who commented about it have said its a keeper. I think its going to be a keeper too! Someone also said it was available in different prints too, which I'm definatly going to check out when I'm next shopping!

005. Talk to me on Twitter! Ive just started to follow people back on twitter much more because its so annoying when people tweet me, and I cant see it! Although when I'm on Ubertwitter, I can see them, But online I cant. So annoying, So from now on ill try to follow everyone who follows me, Ill follow back! I talk loads on twitter so just @llymlrs me! Also ask me stuff on Formspring! Most people ask about dieting atm, so please ask me something different!?! Not that I dont mind talking about it, because Im so glad to be an inspiration! Id just like some different ones...


  1. omg, this glasses are amazing ;-))
    i love them!

  2. The glasses are amazing!

    Been looking through your Formspring.. I didn't realise you had lost so much weight. You look so slim as though you've always been that size. You look amazing! Very inspirational :)


  3. LOVE that lippie on you! I've not seen it on a real person (only the MAC promo things), it's really nice :)

  4. may- thank you! i love them too! ive bee looking for a pair for ages and couldnt believe my luck!

    victoria- well, i have the kind of body shape that carrys weight well, its mainly around my middle and hips that was my problem zone, my legs have always been the same size. i've always dressed the same too and just learnt to cover it well! thank you though (:

    sarah- it is a lovely lipstick! the finish is a bit weird on the lips if they are a bit chapped (like mine are) but the colour is such a lovely baby pink!

  5. I'm very much enjoying reading your blog - just to let you know that you can see when people have @ you on twitter from the website too - there should be an @username (with your username) directly under where it says home in the right hand column x

  6. OH MY GOSH! I remember the first time I came across the Chanel Half Tint sunglasses.. It was love at first sight! There's something about the quirkiness of those shades! MMMM! I may just have to order those from, too. Love the post!



  7. As soon as i saw this post i bought those glasses, they look amazing! haha

  8. Wow these glasses are amazing! Is it actually fully blacked out at the top? I'm curious about the logistics of them but either way they look so cool in photos and there is a definite MKO vibe there, like you said.
    I know exactly what you mean about Daisy Lowe and Fearne Cotton, total style envy! I might have to look for one of those H&M playsuits too if they're in different patterns. Leopard print terrifies me because I'm just I'll make it look tacky but your styling with a blazer really worked. Hmm lots to ponder on there.

  9. i just discovered your blog its so lovely! i love your chanel inspired shades!

  10. I'm going to have to check out that girlprops website now! I started following you on twitter too btw.

  11. God I wish I was Dasiy Lowe, isn't she perfect?

  12. Those sunglasses are lovely! I can't imagine wearing them in every day life though. They look great on you

  13. How do you style your hair like that? How did you asked them to cut it for you? I want to get it exactly like yours. Please help :)

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