001. Ill start off by what I normally say on number one. Hello new followers! I seem to have had quite a few this week which is just lovely! The winner of my contest will be announced tomorrow. Its all ready and picked ready to be posted, But to keep suspense I'll leave it till tomorrow! Sorry I forgot to do Flickr Favourites this week, My head was all over the place last night!

002. I know everyone's saying it but GOSH ITS SO HOT! I've never seen so much English naked burnt flesh before! Did have a spur of the moment thing to go to the beach this evening, But alas that hasn't happened. Ivor didn't have any money, and is currently doing his FMP at college so he didn't wanna mess that up by going away. Which is fair enough really! And I should be doing mine seeing as I'm going to London for two days this week as well!

003. Everyone should go follow Gemma & Victorias new blog called "I Know What You Wore This Summer". Its going to be a collection of different peoples outfits from the summer. Isn't it a cool idea! You can submit your photos and they will upload it, and link you in the sidebar!

004. I've realized Primark is slowly taking over my life. I went shopping today with my Mum, and I bought some really lovely stuff from there! Everything so much nicer from Primark during S/S. Price-wise too its just amazing! I even went into Topshop today and was disgusted by the price tag! Ive got my eye on this piece of swimwear though, But I think ill have to see it in person before committing! Oh also today I bought a denim waistcoat. Right. I hate denim, I really do. Denim shirts are a complete nono in my books, and dont get me started on Jeggings! But alas Ive been craving one for a while, And got one from George at Asda for £14. Lovely! On looking at the George website, Theirs quite a few things I like actually. Might have to give Asda another look!

005. Sun = Time to start showing my milky white bruised and battered legs off to the general public. I bruise so easily, Like the slightest knock on anything and I look like someones kicked me with steel toe boots. I'm currently thinking To fake tan or not to fake tan. Probably the latter as Im scared of being orange. Any recommendations post them in the comments!