what i wore 20.05.10what i wore 20.05.10
what i wore 20.05.10
what i wore 20.05.10
cardigan: primark
dress: new look
rings: asos, h&m + acessorize
knotted rosary: ebay

Had my work placement interview today, I think it went ok! So fingers crossed, theirs five other people I think they are interviewing so who knows! This is what I wore today for it anyway! Black dress + Red cardigan is my favourite combo at the moment, and I'm also loving matching colours and prints. Like today I wore the red rosary and the red cardigan, and yesterday I wore a leopard scarf and my all time favourite shoes, my leopard moccassins! Other than that, Today's been spent doing not much at all. I decided to catch up on everyone's lovely blogs and drink lots of tea!

Hopefully I'll have time to post something tomorrow as I'm not going into university, Probably another outfit post because I enjoy doing them! Im working pretty hard right now trying to get my head around final cut pro! My deadlines 1st June so expect usual blogging to resume around then!