Monday, April 19, 2010


what i wore 19.04.10what i wore 19.04.10
what i wore 19.04.10
what i wore 19.04.10

playsuit: primark
cardigan: primark
purse: acessorize
hair clip: new look
rings (L-R): matalan, new look, h&m
nail polish: barry m cyan blue 297

I feel like I'm wearing a overly Primark outfit today. Coming in at around £12 for the actual clothes bit, I feel slightly cheap? Not that its a problem wearing all Primark, Because I do love this little romper! Was such a bargain at just £5! I just like to mix and match more with what I wear! For those not from the UK, Primark is a really cheap, moderate quality clothing store which is a bit hit and miss sometimes. Most of the time things are really badly made or pretty ugly, But i have to admit their latest season has been really nice! Ive bought quite a few things recently from there!

Im not 100% sure I like the playsuit without the cardigan, I don't do belts and It kinda seems like a bit shapeless without something on top! As you can see from my pictures I took off my acrylics, I wish I hadn't but I was drunk and though it was fun to ping them off. (Its not by the way, So painful now)! I love this Barry M Nailpaint! its one of my favourites!

Anyway, Its my 20th birthday tomorrow so I don't actually know if I'll have time to post anything of substance! Ill take my camera with me though to document any shenanigans that may occour! I don't generally do birthdays but Im quite looking forward to it. Not being a teenager anymore scares me though! Eep!



  1. haha my boyfriend just thought these pictures of you were me!
    You look lovely tho hun xx

  2. I love your blog so much !!!

  3. Love love love your nail color...what is it? and I adore your forefinger ring :D the most

  4. You look lovely here! And those ring and nailvarnish are yum!

    Happy Birthday lady! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow :D x

  5. I tried that playsuit on and thought it looked awful on me without anything over the top - it looks perfect on you though! I agree, Primark has been pretty amazing this spring.

  6. Have a great birthday! You could always be 'twenteen'?

  7. You look so great!! This playsuit is absolutely adorable :)


  8. your outfit's cute! i really like your rings as well :D

  9. happy birthday!! :) greetings from croatia

  10. Beautiful outfit! Plus you have gorgeous hair! :) x

  11. this is really nice and i love the playsuit , but my friend has it too and when i saw her she was wearing it with a belt and it looked perfect. xx


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