Oh yes, Ive reached the grand old age of 20 years today! Haven't really done anything today though, Had to go to university today which was a bit of a bummer, Then went for lunch with my Mum in town. After trying to decide if these khaki hareems were for me or not I just went home. I had a few hours to burn before my friend comes over so I tried to take some outfit pics, But I couldn't make what I was wearing look decent in photographs (Striped Top, Blazer and Leather Shorts!!), But here are a few pics from today!
Birthday Cake

My Mummy made that cake for me, Isn't it lovely! She owns a bakery, But she doesn't actually BAKE cakes, So she went to loads of effort to make me a lemon sponge with lemon cream cheese icing! Big Love to my mother! The last image is of my wall at university, Ive been meaning to post about it for ages but completly forgot! All Art is Quite Useless, Keep Calm And Carry On, Insanity Wolf and Trash Talk! See all the biggger images on my Flickr!

PS. If you were wondering what I got for my birthday, I got Money, Henry Holland x Pretty Polly Suspender Tights (!!), Two lots of Harajuku Lovers Perfume, Underwear, A Cheese Charm for my charm bracelet, Underwear, Leapord Print Cropped Mac, Tatty Devine Name Necklace & all the usual smellies and bits and bobs you get given on your birthday!