Calender Zine 2010
Calender Zine 2010

The day has finally dawned when I am ready to give away copies of my zine! Its taken me a few months to actually do it, But whatever! Who cares that January (and most of Febuary) are now defunct, But hey, who doesn't want a pretty handmade calender by the one and only Lily Melrose?

For those who don't know, The zine is 24 pages printed on pale green paper, Its a Calender (duh?!) 12 months, all the typography and elements are hand drawn by myself and scanned in and put together with my own little hands. This is the first zine I've ever made so please excuse any smudges/print errors/dodgy looking staples. Ive learnt a ton since I started making it! So hopefully the next one wont take as long!

I have 8 copies to giveaway in total, I wasn't actually sure about how I was going to give them away, I think this way is the fairest way to give them away at the moment. Ill eventually put them up on Etsy incase anyone misses them and wants one later down the time. There are a few people I have in mind that I'd like to give a copy regardless of them winning this or not!

Basically whoever comments/emails me on here or Flickr simply saying enter me will get a number (in order of entrants) and then I'll do the Random number generator thing, contact the winner of one of the 8 copies and the winner will get a copy sent out to them ASAP. However if not enough people enter, whoever comments will just get one! I dont want anyone who expresses a interest in my work to miss out!

Ill pay for postage, So you have to be comfortable with giving me your address and whatnot. BlahBlah I dont know any giveaway rules as Ive never done this before.

PS. If anyone wants to zine swap or anything let me know and ill happily do a copy for you (:
OH AND THE DEADLINE IS SUNDAY (14th Feb). Ill be in contact with everyone on Monday, and get them sent off on Tuesday (: