This is LLYMLRS week 17
(not really feeling this picture, i feel like i should be in a Chloe advert, but whatever, ill probs take it down)

001. I got my nails done, After weeks and weeks of considering if i should do it or not, I gave in and went to the salon to get them done. They cost me £30 and i got french tips. I normally go for natural but fancied a change. Wasn't too sure about them at first but they seem to have grown on me quite alot.

002. In two weeks time I go to Amsterdam, My mum paid for it for me and my boyfriends Christmas present. Its going to be super fun! Hopefully were going to rent some bikes and eat lots of food. Ive got tons of places I want to visit even though we are going for like 3 days. Its our first ever couples holiday, and actually the first time Ive been abroad alone, well does going to France with school count? Were flying from Bristol, which means I've got to drive down there, First time on a motorway as well. I'm a little bit scared?

003. I dont ever go out anymore, Since i turned 18, I just never seem to go out much! Its strange but I just started to not enjoy it anymore. But on Friday I decided on the spur of the moment to go out. Special mentions to Kyle, Lee and Amelia for making it a funny night. My friend Kyle knew all the dance moves to the YMCA, which was hilarious. Lee was obsessed with the idea of getting a kebab.

004. Im on the look out for a decent, SLR type camera, My one is a rubbish point and shoot and I've decided it needs to be replaced. When I get my next student loan I'm defiantly going to splash out on a decent one. Im so picky about camera, and especially they way I look when taking a picture with them. That's so vain yet so true. I also found out that I get my student loan the day before my birthday this year, Last year it was on my birthday, how awesome was that! Im planning to spend it on funding my internships over the summer and a trip to new york. Living at home does have some benifits.

005. LFW. Its been all over the blogshpere, and everyone totally sick of hearing about the whole thing, But I'm so jealous of everyone who had the opportunity of going. My dream is to go one day, One can only hope by the next time it comes round I'll be asked to go *cough*cough*hint*hint*

006. I mentioned internships in 004, but I'm planning on doing as many as I possibly can over the summer, in all aspects of graphic design, magazine work and photography. Ive got to get my ass into gear and start asking around! I always feel so cheeky asking, but I know this is something I need to get done. Im sure I can get a few places locally, I just need to get on itttt.