Saturday, February 20, 2010

sunday portrait week 16

This is LLYMLRS week 16

001. Wow another weeks gone past. It really feels like times flying by this year, Its almost the end of February, I remember when I was younger and a week felt like a age, and a year felt like forever. I feel like times going so quickly I'm not able to keep up. Its scary to think that in two months Im going to be 20 years old. I feel like a old lady! But I also find it weird that I dont feel like I am in the place I imagined I'd be when I was older. I used to want to be a Dancer, and now I'm studying Graphic design? I thought id have my own place, but I live at home, I imagined being a beautiful tall lady, But feel the same as I did when I was 15, without the Emo hair!

002. I sent out all the zines from the competition this week, I'm so pleased to be getting some feedback on them all! Its currently up on Etsy (HERE) for about £2.50, Mainly to cover the cost of the postage/envelope and printing. Plus, Everyone who buys one of my zines gets their own personalized envelope & a little post-it with there name on. I wanted to add a personal touch to my things, and though the hand drawn type makes it extra special! Click HERE for an example of what I mean!

003. I finally got the Babooshka Boutique turban that I've been pining over for a while now. I'm wearing it today in my picture, But this one is different from my first one, But alas, I still like it. Its great though for hiding unwashed hair and also keeps your ears warm. JACKPOT. I feel very Mary-Kate Olsen in this though. All I need now is the Chanel half tint sunglasses!

004. What will I be doing this week? This week I plan on making a mini pattern zine, Just as a little extra for my own personal zine. Its going to be a pattern reference guide for myself I suppose. Ill be doing a few more inspiration images at some point this week too. I'm also planning on doing a photograph a hour thing, Which I first saw on Selena from Flying Saucers blog, I thought it was such as fun thing to do! For more examples of what I mean look here here. I'm working Tuesday-Wednesday, and getting my nails done Tuesday afternoon, Ill probably choose a day when I'm actually doing something interesting though. Maybe tomorrow?

Short but sweet Sunday post I guess, Hope everyone's OK and having a good weekend! I just want to say that I'm so grateful for everyone who follows my blog and reads it on a daily basis, I absolutely adore getting comments and feedback on everything. You really are all so lovely and thoughtful (:



  1. That photo an hour thing is a sick idea. Seems like she fair gets about!

  2. wooww! you are gorgeous.
    im dying over your eyes!


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