This is LLYMLRS (week 13)

001. Ive got back into my nails this week. I went through a phase of loving my nails, and getting my acrylics done all the time but Ive been totally skipping since I went to New Zealand. I love the new American Apparell nail polish colours. They look super cute and opaque. I really like Barry M nail polishes and I really want to try China Glaze ones, they are so expensive over here though! Wish I lived in the USA. See these swatches and these ones, from Temptalia for full effect!

002. Saw my baby brother today which was so fun. He was super excited seeing me and was crying when I had to leave. It was so horrible! We did some painting, chased the cat around, played in a tunnel and built a tower (which he decided to smash down and think it was hilarious!), This is his masterpiece, I was going to take it home but I didn't wanna get covered in paint! So Im going back in the week to pick it up! He could be the next Jackson Pollock! I really love having a baby brother as I was 3 when my other brother was born, Its nice to have a little one to play with!

003. Currently watching Legally Blonde, So good, forgot how much I actually liked it! I'm not really a film person, However I cant wait to go see that new Michael Cera film, Youth in Revolt and Alice in Wonderland. I'm not sure about the fact its in 3d. When I saw Avatar it hurt my eyes and made me feel sick eventually.

004. Late night shopping is starting kill my bank balance, I seem to have been staying up wayyy to late recently. Which has resulted in too much spending in the early hours. I managed to curb buying the Mulberry Alexa, but ended up buying a Vivienne Westwood necklace instead. I really need to stop going to bed so late. Working too hard and then oversleeping is doing nothing for me.

005. Friday is my final day of University work before my deadline. So I probably wont be posting much this week because I'm gonna be working dead hard. Hopefully after this I'm going to get back into my personal work, Work on some more projects I've put aside for a while.