This is LLYMLRS week 10
^ My serious face or something?

001. Ive decided to cave in and buy a Apple Macbook Pro. Ive been thinking about it for a while now and i think i ready to take the plunge. Its scary to spend that much money in one go on a laptop when mines perfectly fine. Well im lying seeing as my laptop has missing keys, a broken screen and the sound doesnt work. Hey it does the job! This time next week Ill probs have a 10000 photobooth pictures seeing as thats what everyone does when they get a Macbook.

002. Got a massive Lush haul today. I cant resist free truff so it was spend £20 and get a goodybag! I got: Happy Pill bath bomb,Butterball bathbomb, Sexy Peel Soap, Demon in the Dark Soap, YummyYummyYummy showergel, Snow fairy shower gel, Happy Hippy Showergel, Lemsip Buttercream, Glitterbug massage bar, Sugar scrub, Star Melt Ballistic, Cinders Ballistic and probably more but I cannot remember right now! So pleased with my stuff because its all things I liked or wanted to try. JACKPOT!

003. Im currently obsessed with rings. I not even a jewellery person but Ive been buying them like theres no tomorrow, my ring pot is nearly full. I really want to buy this La Dama ring, its so cute but its sold out! One can always dream. Im definatly gobnna buy this Rosary though, its so cute. Plus if its good enought for Rumi its good enough for me!

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005. Im so excited for the Royal Rumble, its not for weeks but I just cannot wait. Its my favourite wrestling event, I know its lame to like wrestling but Im such a massive MASSIVE fan. Everyone thinks its weird, yes I know its fake, I know its predetermind, but hey i dont care, Enetertainment! The Rumble match itself is always the best, so unpredictable(in theory lolz) and just sets up the whole year!. Last year was a bit of a letdown with Randy Orton winning (boo!), Im hoping for a CM Punk or Morrison win!