So, the country has been hit with a blanket of the white stuff and its ground to a halt. Personally I'm not worried about a bit of snow, Ive been driving walking around and playing in it. No panic buying of bread or milk, Although seeing as I work in a bakery it has still been super busy. I think people are strange when there is a slight possibility that there will be snow, Someone came in and bought 8 loaves "just in case". Incase of what? Your house gets covered in snow and you just HAVE to have a loaf of bread? Also a woman shouted at me today because we didn't have any of the cakes she has everyday, Our confectioner was stuck 25 miles away in the snow. You must be a strange sort of person to not to be able to cope without a cake for one day!

We have had about 10 inches here, and I stupidly decided today to wear leggings and brogues, My ankles immediately turned to ice and I soon reverted to a cheapo pair of UGGS.

Heres some a scan from My Moleskine, My pens are so inconsistent at the moment as the place I normally buy my pens from (Rymans and I use a Black Unipin Fineline 0.8) hasn't had any in stock for the past week or two. This makes me sad, i might have to look online or just keep using the blue one. Blue makes me sad though!

My Moleskine '10 (13-14)

Tomorrow Im spending the day photocopying, stapling and writing my Contextual Studies essay, although I could end up doing some branding work. My photoshop wont work on my Macbook properly, it keeps saying a file is missing so it wont install. I dont really know when Im supposed to be back at university so I presume I best get a little work done?