Saturday, November 14, 2009

For lack of posting, Ive been mega busy getting ready for my trip to New Zealand. Struggling to get my university work done (three projects behind all ready) work my minimum 16 hours a week at the bakery, and then see my friends and boyfriend. To make things worse I have a wickedwicked cough that makes me sound like I smoke 1000 ciggerettes a day. Tesco childrens dry cough medicine is probably the most deadly thing ive experianced in my life. Although I didnt realize that downing a bottle would be a very silly idea.

Im armed with a new moleskine, three new 0.8 uni pin fineliners and a massive 33 hour (and three stops) trip to keep me busy. I dont think ill be having any acess to the internet while im away so im totally gonna be forgotton by the time I get back. But ill be uploading loadsa pictures from my trip as well as drawings. I might even make a zine based on the trip? Not sure yet? Maori words and phrases really intrest me, as do the spelling. Exciting!

Hopefully ill upload my drawings from the last week tomorrow, aswell as upload last week and this weeks sunday portraits (gosh i am so behind!)

creative block

Saturday, November 07, 2009

You know when you feel like your works going nowhere? Thats how I feel right now, I do stuff, its alright, then its over, nothing comes of it and theres no outcome. I wanna do something productive and inspiring but i fear the fact im off to new zealand in less than ten days is gonna make it worse. Then once im back i have to get on with all the university work ive missed. Sigh.

Ive been obsessed with the idea of doing a series of prints based on the theme of space. I dont even know why i just love the idea of doing something, i love circles, shapes and colours.

Next year I wanna make a zine, make a font, do some screenprinting, buy a gocco printing set, submit more to competitions, get more exposure, figure out my art direction, blog direction, sort out my personal style, do some colour theory work, sell my work on etsy, have a exhibition, be featured somewhere, update my flickr more, do a daily "something", get paid for doing work, sort out freelancing, do a internship, record my life, be happy and stay positive.

Teh Kittez

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Today I drew some kittys during a lecture of DDS, which was intresting i was just pre-occupied with the idea of kittys! Im no Gemma Correll when it comes to cats but i think the majority of them came out nicely! Im obsessed with the idea of getting one. I really want a lovely cute grey one with big blue eyes or a fluffy ginger one. Pursuading my mummy to let me have one is killing me right now. Theres only so many cat references I can post on her facebook wall! The other day i was going to go to the cat shelter and rescue one and then bring it back and say I found it all alone on the side of the street.

Does anyone wanna donate a kitten to me? THANKZZZ.

sunday portrait 7

Sunday, November 01, 2009


001. Halloween was a bit of a let down to be honest, I didnt even end up going out. Lady Gaga was gonna be totally over done, so i did nothing. I stayed at home and carved some pumpkins with my step sisters. As you can see I didnt make much effort. Although i like to think I stuck to my style by doing triangle eyes... um yeah? When I was younger I dont think I ever carved a pumpkin, I have a feeling it could have been my first time actually. Fun and messytimes!
002. This week Ive become so intrested in Industry. I wanna work in a cool design studio and have an amazingly cool atompsphere, Meeting those guys at Jelly last week made me want to be a designer so much. I wanna be a artist! MOTIVATION=SUCESS
003. I have a feeling im getting sick. I felt awful on friday (drama queen*COUGH*) my brain wasnt working at all. I blame it on the fact I was trapped on the underground on wednesday. Im sure theres loadsa germys going around down there. Please dont let me get ill as its in New Zealand 3 weeks. Im going to overdose on vitimin C for now in the hope that it will be enough to ward of the germs!
004. Ive been contacted by a company that have got me really excited about my work. It involves my AlphaBeta font that I did. Its a different opportunity and something thats gonna get my work put into a different medium.
005. Sorry Ive been a blogger/flickr slacker this week (to anyone that actually reads my blog) Ive been mega busy and been staying at my boyfriends house. He just got a laptop so hes obsessed with the interwebs and wont let me get a look in. He doesnt even know what LOLCATZ or Rick Rollin' is. Crazytimes! I thought everyone knew about that stuff. Its popular culture innit?

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