image via alyssaduhe
Hope everyones had a good christmas, Got all the goodies they wanted off santa. I got a holiday to Amsterdam off my Mum and Step Dad, which is just amazing as ive always wanted to go to some of the galleries over there. So that will be a fun few days! Also got the usual holiday smellies and trinkets. I made my parents mugs this year with moustaches on, I saw them on Etsy somewhere and just was totally inspired to make my own. I like painting mugs actually, it feels weird to get out my paintbrushes after so long using a pen. My gift to myself this year is going to be lots of goodies from the Lush sale (which starts tomorrow apparently), I dont do sales, Im too lazy to search for things and never find anything I like!

Got some new things coming soon to the bloggy-loggyy-blog. Ive gotta upload all my moleskine pages from New Zealand and pictures before new year. Ive decided to expand my horizons and explore different elements of blogging. Its something that Ive been in two minds about doing since I started. PLUS ive got some cool ideas for ongoing projects in 2010, Goals for 2010 and my first zine! YAYAY.