Weekly Notebook Planner 2010

My new Moleskine Planner came! I decided to get the weekly one over the daily one, Im a big list maker so im always writing lists here there and everywhere. So, I figured I didnt REALLY need to daily, They are pretty chunky too tbf. Plus this will fit in my bag better along with all my other sketchbooks/laptop/pens/makeup/random rubbish. I always get my Moleskines from Amazon as they always work out so much cheaper than in the shops. The pockets are only about £7 with free postage. S'all good!

My plans for the rest of the week include cramming uni work, drinking too much on new years eve, (I think im heading to Cardiff, although i will probably end up in Hereford) and trying to recover from a horrible cold. University starts again next week and I have a mini dissertation thing to do for Conextual Studies, Harvard Referancing? No Thanks! Plus a whole load of branding work to catch up on, then theres motion graphics... Oh well, I work well under pressure, so bring it on?