001. Was feeling less than photogenic after what feels like enough food to feed me for a month. Christmas is carb central, but im such a sucker for roast potatoes and stuffing. That paired along with my famous baked vanilla and raspberry cheesecake and I was full. Not a big turkey fan though, so I had my own portion of chicken on Christmas day!

002. Ive yet to enjoy the snow we've been having in the UK, Ive been so busy and cold I just didnt bother leaving the house. We had a good covering over here though. Its finally melted today so i wont have another chance to play in the snow till it comes next week.

003. My car has been driven into twice this week. One by my boyfriends mum and the other by some mad person who thought it was cool to pull out even though there wasnt a gap. In my shock to have nearly been smashed into I didnt even think about taking the number down. So now my car has a lovely new scratch to match the other side (This one wasnt caused by me but the previous owner). Then i find out my boyfriends mum has driven into my car and smashed my left headlight and messed up the whole bumper. Now Im in a situation where I feel I cant ask for the money to have it fixed off her... SO ANNOYING

004. I HATE XMAS SALES. Today im going shopping with my mother and brother, and I can already see myself stepping over the piles of useless crap to get to the non sale stuff. I hate digging through sale rails. You rarely find anything you want and when you do it either doesnt fit, or you forget you buy it and it remains unworn for ages. Ive made a promise to myself that I need to clense my wardrobe of all the things I ever wear. I NEED to update my style in 2010, Im nearly 20 for gods sake and I still have things in my wardrobe I wore when I was 13!

005. Need to book my hair and nails for the next few weeks. Im a sucker for acyrlic nails, Ive bitten my nails for as long as I can remember, Never have I had long nails. I had them removed before I left for New Zealand as I didnt know how much it would cost to maintain them over there. As for my hair... Well its SO LONG. My fringe now goes past my nose and is nearly tickling my top lip. Ive had to wear it clipped back or braided for ages. I miss my block fringe, although my friend used to say I looked like Caleb Followill circa Youth and Young Manhood.