This is LLYMLRS week 8

001. Travelling is not fun. Well, when your at the place you want to be is great, but 33 hours from Aukland to home is horrible. I felt like a battery hen for most of the time being stuck in a small space and force fed. Although kudos to Emirates as they did have some good inflight food and entertainement.
002. Im considering treating myself to a Macbook for Christmas. Ive been umming and aaahhing over getting once for a while, the the idea of spending that much money kills me a little.
003. MAC Snob. Its the lipstick Im wearing in the picture, and although I liked it when I was at the counter im not so sure now I think about it. Its too blue for my liking and makes my teeth look weirdly yellow. Makeup is something Im really intrested in but im in two minds about trying to encorporate it into my blog. I sort of want this to be a fashion/makeup/graphics/illustration/art/life blog but Im worried about it all getting too confusing.
004. Must start catching up on University work. Ive been off for over a month now, and ive done zero work. I hadnt done much before i left either. I like the branding side of my current projects but the other running projects are on moving image. Or maybe they arent but that proves how much I care.