This weeks thrilling monday afternoon lecture was on "Global Media Perspectives" basically it was just about news outlets, global media and globalisation. Although i was more intrested in this lecture compared to last weeks, the subject wasnt something that intrested me. Some of the individual elements of the lecture did however intrest me.

Esperanto was a language that was widely used as a international lanuage that was meant to be a way to comminicate with other nations with one common language. The speakers of Esperanto was targeted during WW2 because Hitler, although not widely reported, felt that the lauguage was too "utopian" and didnt promote the fact the Germans were the elite. He also stated in Mein Kampf thought it was a going to be a International Jewish Conspiracy when they take over the world. Also the life of Alan Turing really intrested me, He cracked the Engima code used by the Germans during WW2. He also developed the worlds first computer systems. After the war he was convicted under the Homosexual Act, which was also the same act that Oscar Wilde had been convicted of. He was subject to a hormone treatement as a option for not going prison that was supposed reduce his libdo. He ended up killing himself 1954. In 2009 Gordon Brown apologised for the treatement of Turing after the war thanks to a internet campagin.

There was a really nice looking R in one of the images he showed us. Im not normally a big fan of serif fonts either. I dont remember there being a Robot in the lecture but I drew one anyway. I think I was referancing a thing I saw called Helbotica earlier that morning. The cat i drew was a sort-of homage to Gemma Correll, and my new obsession with wanting a kitten.