Image Via Jeffery Bowman
After a long hiatus i bring you my round up of my internet findings:

1. Nubby Twiglet is probably my favourite blog right now. I think Nubby has one of the best writing styles, a intresting personal style (of graphics and fashion wise) and her blog is just so visually stimulating. Her bold graphic style is so striking and has a air of modern Swiss Design.
2. These Creative & Unusal Bus Stops have made me want to use public transport more. where I live we dont even have proper bustops, you just put your arm out and hope they stop. My favourite one was the one with the swing!
3. Funky Lunch have the most amazing looking sandwiches! Such a sucker for cute food! Ive become obsessed with Bento boxes but as Kimblery Chan said to be on Twitter, Id would eat 3x the ammount that would fit inside a box!
4. My Cardboard Life by Phillipa Rice is one of the cutest zines ive seen in ages. I purchased one for my boyfriend ages ago and he loved it. The 100 things to do is entertaining too! You can purchase them on Etsy.
5. Altered Postcards is one favourite project from Booooooom. I love how people have changed the covers of magazines, Id love to get involved with their latest project, Making a Fort!
6. Jeffery Bowman's work excites me! I love the colours, the patterns, the shapes, the halftones!! Oh yes!