1) Currently in love with these "Free Encouragement" Postcards designed through a collaboration of Booooooom and Design for Mankind. I snapped them up on Etsy a few months ago when i first saw them. But had to share because they are just so awesome!

2) Bembo's Zoo is one of my favourite type treatm
ents this week. Its such a innovative a fresh way to use type and animation together, and come out with something thats really creative and appealing to kids.

3) I need to go to Ikea before i go crazy. The catologue is actually my ideal living spaces.Im in love with these Fira Mini Chests, and although they have been taken off the Ikea website, I need them in my life. I can store all my makeup/fineliners/junk in them.

4) Think Faest! is probably my favourite place to discover new artists and designers, i check it everyday to see whats new. My favourite thing about it is the header changes each time you refresh the page. This way you get to see so many different ways to convey the same title. Especially since im a typo-nerd! Id also reccomend checking out Booooooom & FFFFFound.

5) What did you buy today via Obsessive Consumption is a site i visit daily. Kate draws one thing that she buys a day then at the end of the month its all made it to a super cool zine. I love the discipline and routine of being able to do something everday for extended periods of time, I think shes been drawing her purchases since 2006, but been documenting her buys for even longer!