this is llymlrs.

Hello and welcome to the official first post of LLYMLRS. I’m going to start off by introducing myself with the 5 W's.

My names Lily Sunrise Melrose, I’m 19 years old from Shropshire, United Kingdom. LLYMLRS, started in 2007 as a MySpace screen name, I started using it as my online name from there on. It has now become the name of my design alter-ego. I was not 100% sure if I wanted to design under my own name so I thought LLYMLRS (which is my name without any vowels) would be a good name design under.


This blog is a hedonistic look at lifestyle, graphic design & fashion. Design and fashion are my two greatest passions, and I’m constantly being inspired by things around me. I entered an Art College at 16, where I began a course in Graphic Design. I’m currently studying a 3 year degree in Graphic and Media Design at Hereford College of the Arts. A blog is the perfect platform to not only get my work out their but share ideas/images/inspiration with people all over the world. My aim is to create new, exciting and creative content, which is not only inspiring, but informative and helpful.

LLYMLRS was started on 8th June 2009, after lots of thought and plan
ning. I felt I was losing my touch with graphic design, due to severe lack of creativity. I was producing work at university that was lacking the quality I wanted in my work. By creating this blog I wanted to relight the fire, and do something that is fresh and stylised, something that was as visually stimulating as it was inspirational.

I currently reside in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere called Ludlow, Shropshire, United Kingdom. It’s got an amazing reputation for local produce, slow foods and its yearly Food Festival. My family have owned a bakery in the centre of town for almost 60 years now. I split most of my time between here and Hereford, a equally as rustic British town, but has a certain irresistible charm. Eventually I want to move to a big city to pursue bigger things. But right now I’m quite content where I am.


To share work! When i was at College i started to understand the need to share ideas, inspiration and work. Feedback is so incredibly beneficial when designing something, as just by showing someone your work they could suggest something to make it even better. I’m constantly being inspired by other pe
oples work, and by sharing it I hope to introduce people to work that I love!

PS. This is a picture of me...


  1. i literally just read through the whole of your blog, came to your first post in shock because of the first line. Shropshire! SAME!

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  3. Dropped my jaw when i found out you were from shropshire! Me too, but i am from shrewsbury x

    I swear this does not even look like you one bit! Madness!

  5. Woooooah!!!!! I've been going to ludlow for over a decade every summer since i was 2. p.s. loving the blog. making one of my own but finding it utterly impossible to think of a title : pxxx

  6. Wow you really suit a fringe. How had I never seen your first post before :-S xx

  7. so glad you started this blog, planning on reading through the entire thing at some point soon x

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if you have any questions feel free to tweet me @llymlrs!

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